Electric toilet seat

Main advantages of this type of toilet seats are convenience, luxury and ease of use. Electric bidet seats come standard with a heated seat. They also include warm water front and rear wash. The water temperature and pressure are adjustable and everything is controlled either by an attached control panel or a wall mounted remote control. The water will be warm right away, and you can even adjust the position of the nozzles. Electric bidet toilet seats are especially useful for the elderly, the disabled, or people with limited mobility who may have trouble operating non-electric bidets. But of course, they are suitable for everyone who wants to improve their toilet hygiene and reduce the use of toilet paper.

To install an electric toilet seat, an electrical outlet (GFCI) and a cold water line from the shut off valve next to the toilet is needed. Improve your toilet experience and enjoy the superior cleansing effect of our MARO line.












Maro D'Italia DI600

Learn more about our products in the Maro D'Italia DI600 brochure.

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Maro D'Italia DI600

Italian design for best performance

A brand new product in the MARO line.
Maro D'Italia DI 600 impresses with its flawless
design and remarkable combination of perfect
functionality and comfort. It has all advanced
functions one would need in a bidet seat and
can be compared with many more expensive models.




Unlike previous models, Maro D'Italia DI 600 features an electrical cable which is neatly hidden in the middle of the toilet so it can be wired to the left or to the right side. It features a power cable fuse which prevents a short circuit.



Air in water

Water air bubbles take care of gentle, thorough and water-saving cleaning.


A bathroom fixture equipped with running water intended for washing the genitals.

Power saver

The power consumption is reduced when no one is sitting on the toilet or when no panel control button is pressed for approximately 10 minutes.


The toilet seat is electric and plugs into a regular outlet.

Moving nozzle

The position of the nozzle can be adjusted by pressing a button on the remote control.

Nano silver

External Ag Nano water filter is usually fitted to the t-connector at the water intake by the Wash & Dry toilet seat.

Night light

The night light was designed to provide optimal light intensity for guidance without disturbing your night-time vision.

Rear wash

Anal washing function

Remote control

Wireless remote control panel can be mounted on the wall beside your toilet.

Nozzle self-cleaning

Nozzles are automatically cleaned.

Sittable when closed

The toilet cover is strong enough to carry your weight and will not break if you sit on it.

Soft close

The toilet seat and lid have an integrated slow closing function.

Twin nozzle

Two separate nozzles for cleaning — one for rear and the second for front (feminine) wash.

UF cover

The cover is made of durable material with anti-bacterial coating.

Warm-air dryer

The built-in warm-air dryer completely dries you after washing. Temperature can be regulated from cold to warm.

Warm toilet seat

Heated toilet seat with several temperature settings.


























Main functions of most electric bidet toilet seats:


Heated Seat

An added feature of many electrical bidet seats is a heated seat. Most heated bidet seats give the user the option to control the temperature of the bidet seat. This is a very nice feature for colder climates and for those that hate to sit on a cold seat!


Warm Air Dryer

A warm air dryer is great for anybody who needs or wishes for a hand-free toilet experience. It is also handy for those with hemorrhoids that find the roughness of toilet paper too painful on their most sensitive body parts. Most users find the warm air dryer much more comfortable then any toilet paper.

Hydraulic Seat and Lid

No more slamming of toilet lids!  Most full function bidet seats include a hydraulic seat and lid that closes softly to minimize the chances of a lid slamming and possibly causing injury or just plain annoyance.

Seat Sensor

The functions of a fully featured bidet seat can only be activated when an individual is actually sitting on the bidet seat.  The seat sensor prevents any mishaps that may come from a curious child or other uneducated guest curious about the bidet seat.

Remote Control

A remote control for your bidet seat is a necessity if you have limited mobility or it can be useful for a caretaker initiating the functions of the bidet seat.  Most bidet seat remotes are wall mounted and provide the user with easy access to all the features of the bidet seat.  Many bidet seats with remotes also come with a mounted control panel that is stationed on the bidet seat itself in case of a remote failure.

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