R2 modul

Commbath r2 - Smart toilet


Digital techology  - smart bathroom

Royal’s exclusive state-of-art digital technology presents this new luxury which enables temperature, water pressure and time control with just a click of a button or remote control use.Therefore you no longer need to be startled by a sudden fall of water from your shower nozzles nor wait a long time until water gets warm enough.


Design simplicity – neatest bathroom

All bathroom objects including shower head, toilet tank, toilet paper holder etc. are designed with simplicity and space efficiency which is enabled by various types of attachable cabinets and the built-in system.


Possible selection of colour and interior - most unique bathroom

The products can be arranged in reference to the space available – regardless of the size and layout of your bathroom. Moreover, the material and color of the finishing of each module can also be selected according to your individual preferences.


Shower module

Rain shower head

The rain shower head has a folding-type structure which means it allows opening and closing. The space behind can be utilized for keeping personal hygienic items.
When closed, water automatically stops running which prevents water flowing into the cabinet space.
Running water automatically stops at temperature over 50°C which prevents injuries that could be caused by hot water.

Hand shower head

Embedded type. It enables easy use and safe storage.

Remote controller

Convenient auto-control temperature setting, flow rate and time. Because of its detachable function there is no need to avoid cold water while adjusting water temperature.

Hinoki chair

Hinoki is a water tolerant Japanese cypress. Its phytoncide emits rich aroma which will provide you with forest therapy while having a shower.


Basin module

1 Display window

2 Display window for temperature control of running water

It is composed of 6 bar graphs with 12 steps in total. When the temperature control button is pressed, lights turn on.


3 Running water temperature / time display window

4 Temperature control button

5 Time control button

6 Water flow control button



Toilet module

Toilet tank is installed on the inner side of the module for a simple design impact.Rimless and tornado flush toilet bowl with high end bidet seat.
Fully automated toilet.


Cabinet module

Cabinet (L) 1 / Cabinet (S) 2 / Corner cabinet (To be launched) / Tissue holder cabinet

Tissue holder, toilet brush and magazine rack are installed on the inside of the cabinet.


Mirror module

Large mirror 4 / Middle-sized mirror 5 / Mirror cabinet (Left 6 / Right 7)

  1. Indirect illumination effect from the light on the back of the mirror
  2. Depending on the door finishing, you can choose between the mirror and PS type. 

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